A look at the poverty around me


A look at the poverty around me


I usually say that I am surrounded by a kind of poverty if it also relates to the money- it is not the worst of situations that cause. Poverty is always associated with social injustice that divides the world, nations, peoples and sometimes even families.

I am surrounded by what we say “marginalization” and “exclusion”. Two terms that you also speak of social injustice, but talking, above all, a word that Pope Francis has put into circulation and is very strong, but real in the world and society “discard” some people also seem discarded or for one reason or another will rule…

The causes are many, but can be summarized in the loss or quickly stepped values and conditions of dignity. This means that victims are marginalized or excluded themselves from drugs, alcohol or crime, reducing the margin of everything that involves the values of a society. Often this has been marginalized because of a decline due to the crisis, job loss or impoverishment that everything is derived. But it is often because of poverty and marginalization inherited from families at risk who lack the fundamental elements for human dignity, education or health, generate the same marginalization that they have lived.

That’s why this is the profile of the people I love, together and pity from his childhood to the last consequences of this marginalization: prison, drug addiction, mental illness, the homeless, the death…

The terrible consequence of such people is often not fit their profile instead. Released from prison, people with these characteristics, the circumstances that are not have family or as if they had not, it is a risk of another fall, but there is a support of society. This is for me one of those who coexist with suffering: impotence situations that do not depend on a careful accompaniment, if found appropriate responses in society often rejects this type of people that living together is not easy require a great deal of patience and a suitable place for their shortcomings.

My conclusion is always twofold: not discourage me or the difficulties never say “this will be the last time.” I love, love, love. That’s why we have this word in Catalan precious to talk about love: to love is to embrace and appreciate. Because everyone, much has fallen and fallen, deserves to be appreciated for what it is: A person in the image of God.

M. Victòria Molins

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