Include men and women: coeducation


Include men and women: coeducation

Despite much progress made in relation to equality between men and women in our society, we still have a long way to go. All the indicators that we use to understand the relative positions of men and women in institutions, in the workplace, in the possession of resources in the field of art and communication, show that inequality persist, although in terms of education women already exceed the levels achieved by men. There are hidden factors that maintain and reproduce inequalities; inequalities that are a huge social cost for both the non-use of female talent as overhead support women when considering who conducted the socially necessary labor, consisting of labor market such as domestic work.

After years of research conducted in various schools and colleges, there is ample empirical evidence on what these hidden factors. We are in an andocentric society and culture, which appreciates what most men do what women do, even when they do the same job. And this culture is reproduced, because it is transmitted to new generations through a set of stereotypes, the consequences of which are often unconscious, which has a strong creatures, making them adopt attitudes and behaviors differentiated by the fact of belonging to one sex or another. Making them adopt behaviors genre that now correspond to the needs of our society and therefore are negative both for them and for them. And, more likely to build and perpetuate a hierarchy of genres that are implanted in children between 3 and 4 years and making already at this age children reject with contempt all that is given to girls and women begin to internalize their insecurity and their secondary role in society.

Education has contributed to progress in this area, but what is done at the moment is still insufficient. We must go further and introduce co-education, understood not as a mixed school, which in general terms as it is, but as a change in cultural models in all schools. Only in this way we can think of problems as serious as going eradicating gender violence or the inferiority of women who can still perceive.

Marina Subirats

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