Welcome to Greece Batman


Welcome to Greece Batman

March 30 to 68 boat refugees who arrived in Chios was something unexpected. In the group traveled a child dressed in a Batman costume. Who knows the history of this small, what was the conversation between him and his parents before starting their journey fleeing wars. We can imagine the guy starting the journey of his life, wearing a costume to beat the bad guys and cross the seas of the world. When the struggle for life when the game, with joy and sorrow mingle, this is the result. The light in the dark. Michalis Kountouris draws a small welcome our Batman, the name may never know. This image of the struggle for life that has no borders with our Greek delegation will travel to the Basque Country on 29 and 30 April to participate in events organized by the Gernika platform Ongi Etorri 2017.

We want open borders and denounce the violent evictions which are the subject of the occupied spaces where refugees live, inhuman living conditions in the camps, we denounced European policy and agreement of shame with Turkey. Disobeying policies that have turned the Mediterranean into a grave. We say enough to the barbarism that is happening in these other Guernica of fleeing million people, including our little Batman.

The author of these lines is Katerina Sergidou activist and researcher of Greek history and political communication. Sergidou is also one of the speakers who will participate in the events “Ongi Etorri Gernika 2017” on 30 April. In his speech will relate the experience of welcome and the fight against racism in the neighborhoods of Athens. His words were accompanied by illustrations made by Greek artist Michalis Kountouris. Both letters as drawing want to support the event Ongi Etorri Gernika in 2017, to be held later this month to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Gernika.

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